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   Welcome to the web page inspired by my Twitter account @FredBauersJr. For those that have come here via my links on twitter thank you for coming and enjoy reading the stories.  For any that haven't seen my work let me explain what you will find on this site.

   On here I will be doing two things.  The first is that I will take the Twitter shorts that I have created and post them in the blog so people can enjoy them at their leisure.  Also, for the people that follow me, you will find that the blog is a little easier to read because I have pasted the tweets from top to bottom.  That way you can read the story in a normal fashion, instead of from bottom to top as you would in a Twitter feed. 

    The second thing that I will be doing on this site is posting short stories that I have fleshed out from their Twitter beginnings into fully fledged short stories.  I will be posting a new short story every couple of weeks. 

    Please take the time to sign the guestbook and feel free to leave comments on both the twitter shorts in the blog and the full Short Stories.  If you have any suggestions on stories that you like to see me attempt please leave those suggestions in the forum so I can easily refer back to them.  It is your feedback that is the primary purpose of this site and I thank you for taking the time to read the stories that I have posted.

   If you enjoy your time on this site please take a moment to become a member.  By doing so I can notify you when a new short story is posted and you will be able to message me if you desire.  I look forward to hearing from all of you.

    I leave you with my Twitter sign off. Good Night and, as always, "Sweet Nightmares" 

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